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Townstar is a game that I think of as a weekly Farmville-meets-Factorio speedrun. You design a town and try to make the most efficient layout to produce the most stars. Each contest lasts one week, so you can jump in on Tuesday and other players don’t have a “veteran” advantage aside from what they’ve figured out in previous runs. Each little unit in Townstar has a decision process which you optimize by placing buildings in a 16x16 grid. Add in weekly prizes of their ERC-20 token, $GALA, to the top 100 players and you have a compelling Play-to-Earn game!

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We’re min-maxing and optimizing towns all week! We’re looking for more dedicated players to help us expand our strategies. Does all this sound cool to you? Come join us in on our Discord Server! We’re happy to talk strategy with you and give you some tips on how to play, don’t be shy!

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Come play Townstar with us using my referral link! There’s a lot more to discover in the Gala universe, including an MMO, Mirandus and a Tower Defense, Fortified and a cool NFT distribution network!